The Sirens Cove Pod

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The Siren's Cove Pod

A continuously growing, trusting, secure safe haven for dedicated mermaids. Here in The Siren's Cove Pod you must be accepted into the family. You can do so by meeting and exceeding some of these requirements:

1) You must be an already educated mer - shifter, with basic knowledge of magick, shifting, and survival necessities in the sea.

2) You have to be planning to reside in a tropical climate, and be prepared to travel.

3) You MUST be ready to leave with the pod at any time, so in other words, you HAVE to be dedicated.

4) The Pod comes FIRST.

5) You have to be contributing to the pod ACTIVELY. If you are inactive for a month or more without reason, your TSC pod membership will be terminated.

6) Beware of Treason. (A pod's inside joke, don't take this rule seriously)

7) You may NOT, under ANY circumstances, betray the pod. There are absolutely no exceptions for this rule. If you join this family simply to spy, troll, or cause drama, you will be kicked out IMMEDIATELY. 

8) [ NOTE: This rule does not apply to all ] We prefer the pod members to be at least thirteen years of age, although there are exceptions.

9) You must be able to get along with the other pod members, even if their beliefs are different than yours. there is no toleration of bullying here.

10) We are aware that in some religions (namely christianity) becoming/being anything other than human is considered a sin. this pod has also had past disagreements with other people of different religions who believe what we do here {shifting} is a sin. It is best you either A) do not contribute to a religion/philosophy/spirituality that believes this way or B) do not think it is a sin and you are okay with the things we practice here despite your religion. 

However if your option is B, you must be open to and comfortable with other religions such as wicca, paganism, and things of the sorts.

If you are incapable of abiding by any of these requirements, please do not apply to be a member of this pod. These rules are very important, so please take them as seriously as you would any other law. If you wish to join this pod, simply sign up, and email us a document telling us why we should allow you into this family. (more info on this on the "Contact" page, under the "More" section)

Happy Swimming and Blessed Be xx


This is a strictly all girls mermaid pod, and very few exceptions are made for this rule.